Cleveland Indians News and Notes: A frustrating weekend in Philadelphia

Baseball has a special ability to break down a fan. This weekend was rough on us Tribe fans. The close losses, the blown calls, the loud outs; they all add up to a major case of the disappointments. I'm actually thankful the Indians don't play on Monday, as I need a little recharge to get the positive vibes going again. Here's hoping for a better week!Phillies 2, Indians 1LGT Recap C Recap Box Score The backup catcher injured his right thumb while making a diving tag in Saturday night's game against the Phillies. Adam Moore was called up from Triple-A Columbus to serve as Yan Gomes backup while Perez recovers the League Joey Votto is not pleased with his poor start to the season. Taking a look at the mega-deal that Stephen Strasburg is setting himself up for this offseason. MLB broadcasts are getting fancier, with more advanced analytics and Statcast gems.
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