How to make flotation machine durable and efficient

Inflatable Flotation Equipment is a large-scale mineral processing equipment, but the flotation machine equipment is a corrosive equipment, mostly in outdoor or indoor production, the production environment is relatively poor, it will cause equipment damage, wear, failure and other issues, so to Improve equipment corrosion resistance, durability. Choose high-quality flotation machine equipment is no doubt that while proper maintenance of equipment operation is indispensable, then how to make flotation machine durable and efficient? Listen to our Shin Kong mines for you to answer in detail.

1 Through the active clutch application, when the overload is overloaded and the flotation machine is screened at a large particle size, the transmission gear should be effectively cut off so that the speed of the flotation machine will be reduced rapidly. At the same time, the material selection will be reduced Flotation machine loss, can extend the life of 6-12 months.

2 The initiative overflow protection, because the flotation flotation flotation products through the overflow into the flotation operations, but this is with the discharge of the discharge rate and density are closely related, so in the production process, To test the flotation medium loss, so you can reduce the body of the flotation machine loss, the flotation machine board will play a protective and reduce consumption.

3 To protect the gear. Therefore, flotation machine is the use of reducer to drive and eventually form a regular rotation, so the strength of the gear set has certain requirements, so the rotating ring gear, reducer often check and test becomes very necessary, This will also protect the entire rotation.

These measures will increase the durability of the flotation machine, improve the durability of the flotation machine, on the other hand also saves on operation and equipment maintenance, update costs and costs. China Ball Mill Supplier, Crusher Machine Manufacturer - Goldenmachine
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