Why is the Japanese culture so much better than the Chinese culture?


  • Dragons? Dumplings? Chopsticks? LOL What's so cool about that? Japanese culture is way cooler. The Japanese had emperors and ninjas and geishas.
  • that's up for personal opinion. i don't think the japanese culture is better i just find it more interesting then the chinese culture. I'm very interested in the new technologies japan has and its peoples unique way of life!
  • Why is the Japanese culture so much better than the Chinese culture?

    That's a matter of opinion don't you think? The Chinese civilization hasn't existed for 5000 years because it sucks.

    I'll tell you what, you study the history and culture of China besides focusing on chopstick and dumplings and then you tell us what you think.
  • The Japanese are completely influenced by Chinese. They use the Chinese writing system, Chinese inventions, Chinese words and the majority of mainstream Japanese are Chinese descendants. The only true Japanese are the Ainu. The rest are mixed Korean and Chinese with Native Japanese.
  • You do realize that an awful lot of stuff in Japanese culture actually came from China, right?
  • The following website introduces you to Chinese culture. If you read the definition, you'll find that culture is so much more than a few well-known items. I encourage you to go through and read this as you will have a larger world view as a result.


    This module is an introduction to Chinese culture. The approach will be one which sees culture as the system of shared ideas and meanings, explicit and implicit, which a people use to interpret the world and which serve to pattern their behavior [Patricia Ebrey]. This concept of culture includes an understanding of the art, literature, and history of a society, but also less tangible aspects such as attitudes, prejudices, folklore and so forth. With China we will find a tradition of civilization marked for over 3000 years by the use of writing, urbanization, a developed artistic culture, social stratification and a political structure which more or less successfully coordinated a huge population.

    Good luck!
  • I've always personally found Chinese culture very interesting.
    i don't know anything about Japan or its culture
  • JACKIE CHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who the fuck is from Japan, uhhhhh no one!

    Seriously, grow up.
  • The cultures of both countries are very close and interestng. They do not have only dumplings or ninjas and their cultures are lot richer than those.

    I have thought you were more intelligent than that.........I guess I was wrong................
  • Who ever said it was? It is not a competition, but ways of life. One being better than the other is a matter of personal opinion, and you may choose to live among whatever culture you prefer.
  • stop watching anime D:<
    japan isnt all anime and geishas

    i think all asian cultures share similarities, actually.
    japan has chopsticks, their own version of dumplings and dragon designs o_o its not just china.
  • There's MUCH MUCH more to Chinese culture than that. Maybe if you weren't obsessing over Japan in an UNHEALTHY way, you'd know that.
    In my opinion China has one of the world's oldest and most unique cultures.

    You Japanophile.
  • This is a generalist statement. So, in answer to your question...your question is an assumption, not a question.
  • idk, but I do find japanese culture interesting
  • umm.

    1. China was isolated from the world for a long time by their fukced up "gubment" so they didnt have access to new technologies and whatnot. if you didnt notice they are catching up pretty fast. too fast. :)

    2. Japan as you know it has a Chinese base to it, meaning much of its culture was brought upon from China back to Japan by Japanese Monks who studied in ancient China.
  • One is better than the other one in your own little world.

    The Chinese also had emperors, martial artists (especially the monks), and female entertainers. Actually... monarchy, warriors, and female entertainers are a part of many cultures and histories of other countries.
  • That's a matter of opinion but honestly there's so much more to Chinese and Japanese culture than you think.
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