Single and going to Shanghai & Beijing in Nov. Where to hook up with girls?

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  • I'm going to travel to Shanghai & Beijing in Nov. Where can I go to hook up with singles?
    Nightclubs, bars ect... Where is a good place to pick up prostitutes/escorts?
  • if you look like a foreigner, they will find you, they will call your room. beware of what you pick up, looks like a girl, but its a boy. hookers are all over the city, find someone to show you the ropes.they are in the streets, hotels, public bath houses, hair salons, restaurants or just walking around. you can't miss them, they dress up a little better than the average citizen.
  • Callgirls are good. There are some amazing free distribution English magazines can offer you a lot information. "SH Magazine" in Shanghai is really good; "That's Shanghai" or "That's Bejing" are nice too. You can find them almost all the hotels and nightlife venues.
  • if you're and american, don't worry. 'escorts' will see you as a dollar sign..... they'll approach you.
  • KTV, Wash houses and massage places are all over! Warning!!! Chances are 98% HIV and other STD's are in the woman in these places! Oh and prositution is illeagle in China, but they do not enforce the law. If the police see they can make money for busting someone in one of these places then you are screwed and most likely you will be paying a bribe to the police if you get caught by a hungry chinese cop!

    Good Luck and dont kiss the gurls what so ever and alway double your condoms while being there!!!!! 0.o
  • If you looking for love, a naughty relationship, friendship or just fancy a bit of fun, you can find that special someone just right for you in no time. I can only suggest one site for all this...

    ** the important thing is that it is completely FREE! **

    good luck!
  • Are u chinese
  • ewwww yuk, dont, they are dirty
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