Make-up for Chinese skin tones?


  • I would like to know what eyeshadow colours and blushers will suit my skin tone, and what can warm up and enhance it. Thankss x
    I have quite light/whitish pinky skin, brown eyes and black hair
  • If you want a really well-coordinated look, I would recommend Bare Escentuals. You can use the shade finder on Sephora's site to find the makeup shade that is right for you:
    As you can see, there are a couple of Asian models representing their unique skin tones, so hopefully one of them is similar to yours.

    Once you get a recommendation for your basic foundation color, you can build on the look with other products in shades that are meant to go with your skin tone.

    Good luck, and I hope you find this helpful!
  • I don't know much about pairing makeup color with skin tone (all i wear is a light coverup/concealer and lavender eyeshadow because my eyes are blue and my skin is light), but i saw an advertisement for Revlon Golden Affair Sculpting Blush and in the picture, modeling the color was an Asian women. I thought it was really pretty and when I saw your question that was the first thing that came to mind. Heres a video of it and how to apply it:

    Revlon site:

    It seems better for a darker Asian skin tone, but it could probably work for ANYONE but the model was Asian and it came out really nice. As for eyeshadow, im not sure, but also in the pictures for the blush she's got on gold eyeshadow. Or maybe just go with your eye color. You can find out what color is good for you on and go to Products>Eyes> and on the side theres "My Color Advisor". on the drop down list select "Eyeshadow" and select your eye color and skin tone, etc.
  • With dark brown eyes, green, gold or brown eyeshadows will look amazing!
    if you want your eyes appear larger apply sum white eyeshadow or eyeliner to the inner corners of your eyes :)
  • It really depends on exactly what your skin tone is. Is it lightish, like porcelain white, or yellowish? Coz Chinese people have all types of skin tones; some are fair and some darker. You'd have to be more specific. At any rate, if you have fair skin that is pinkish white, cute pastel colors like light pink, blue, green etc. for eyeshadow and light pink blush would look excellent with your skin tone. If it is more on the yellowish side, I would say that colors that are a bit darker would be best for eyeshadows, and a darker shade of blush as well. But don't go heavy on the blush in any case. Good luck!! ;)
  • Go to a Prescriptives counter at a dept. store. They have make-up for every skin tone and they can show you what works best for you.
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