I need help with Asian/chinese food ideas and recipes?

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  • I need then ASAP for one of my classes. ANY help is greatly appreciated! Thanks! =)
  • Special fried rice

    basmati or jasmine rice are best although any will do. Cook as per normal

    At the same time cook a mix of vegetables and add small shrimps

    Then add the rice and the vegetables with a little sesame oil and a little soy sauce and cook for another minute or two OR instead of soy use sweet and sour


    But do not forget the chop sticks

    You can also buy a pack of pran crackers which cook on a oiled pan within seconds
  • POCKYS!!!
    haha no buh seriously try
    egg rolls:most popular asian food :O

    Dorayaki:Bean paste sandwiched between two mini pancakes.

    Gyouza ,AKA: pot stickers. Little balls of ground meat
    wrapped in a thin, moon-shaped dough shell.
    onigiri:better known as rice balls
    suhsi:DELICIOUS >_<
    A mixure of vegetables sauteed and covered in a thick transparent sauce. Literally, "eight treasure vegetables."

    Manju:Of Chinese origin, manju is kind of like an-pan, with anko (red bean paste) in the center, and Chinese dough on the outside. The outer coating can have different flavor additives as well.

    Miso :The name for soy bean paste (sometimes includes wheat or rice.) The paste has lots of salt added, and the better pastes can be fermented, like cheese, for 1-2 years. Miso soup is called "miso shiru", and is probably originally from China.
    Miso paste can also be added to ramen and other foods.

    Mochi:A short-grain rice (mochi gome) is steamed and then pounded into a very smooth, glutonous mass. Sticky, with no real flavor. Used as the base for some other food, ala tofu.
    [Usually found on New Year's Day in the soup
  • Vietnamese summer rolls.
    So effing good, and you eat them cold so they are perfect for summer.
    And you can change the ingredients to suit your tastes.

  • Well...i don't know any specific recipes, but i do know some great Chinese food ideas. Here are a few: barbecue pork bun, chow mein (the original type), fried rice, kung pao chicken, stewed fish w/ginger.
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