If slaverly doesnt work, then why is it working in china?

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  • Most people are slaves they just don't realize it.
  • It does work. A society based on it is less economically efficient than a capitalist one, though.
  • I really doubt your definition of slavery is what goes on in China, but...

    Slavery only works under a government... or a state. You need a government to enforce slavery, and the capture of run away slaves, or else under no government, slavery is not profitable.

    So what are you talking about?
  • In China and other countries, the local economy is so terrible that, say, outsourced Wal-Mart sweatshop workers are getting paid more than people working the majority of other jobs.

    Yes, places like Wal-Mart really do use sweatshop labor. But it's mutually beneficial, because they make a fantastic amount compared to others in their economy, and we get awesome garbage on the dime. It's win-win!

    Holy crap, I just gave an argument in favor of sweatshop labor.
  • Who said its the slavery? Believe it or not slavery is not more cost effective in the long run. Why do you think they closed all those super plantation mental health institutions and instead gave the mentally ill welfare and SSI? Spending in the economy makes it stronger.
    Slavery in China works mainly because it manipulates its currency so that it virtually has two different values; one at home and one abroad. That is the key to their success.
  • who ever said slavery doesnt work?
    and if someone actually did say that please shoot him in the face.
    slavery is quite effective and very beneficial.
  • Any civilization based on slavery ends up falling. history teaches us that, however, as long as there's empires (like america) willing to turn a blind eye to it's use and give countries like China 650 billion dollars a year for their "slave made" merchandise It'll continue
  • It isn't, ask one of the slaves.
  • Liberals deny anything that works. Haha
  • Very different culture.
  • Becausefact of the matter is........two dollars a day is better than NO dollars a day.

    So people are willing to take the 2 dollar a day jobs. And be damn thankful they have it.
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