do we need to boycott China?

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  • China violates human rights. Our westerrn goverments have moratoriums on trade with so many countries for this reason. Do we as citizens need to protest what is currently happening in Tibet ?
    Are there other things we can do to show disapproval.
    why are the olympics even allowed to happen there? seems to me they have not allowed others countries to participate for the same or less (U.S.S.R.).

    !!are there other ways we can show dissaproval?
  • What the heck are you talking about?

    Talking about brainwashed by mass media?

    Watch these two videos


    Tell me these thugs in Tibet aren't violating human rights.
    Take a GOOD LOOK at these "peaceful protesters".

    These are rioters, mobs, criminals, terrorists!

    What is happening right now in Tibet is clearly an organized, well planned VIOLENT "incident" by Dalai Lama who is funded by anti-China foreign government. They picked the moment right before Olympics.

    Those people who "protest" are thugs. You can see in the video, they are burning down shops, cars on the streets. They would have been arrested in ALL countries for doing this.

    Free tibet? To what?
    Dalai Lama was the biggest slave owner in Tibet. All the land in TIbet were owned by the monks who were serving Dalai Lama. Majority population were bonded to the land owned by those monks. There was no such thing as "Tibet freedom" before communists took over. Western anti-communists mass media brainwashed people to believe Dalai Lama is a peace loving monk, because they want to demonlize the Chinese government.

    Tibet was a part of China during Qing Dynasty. China lost control of several pieces of territory during 1912 revolution. Warlords were fighting each other. After nationalists lost war to communists in 1949, communists simply decided to take back what's China's.

    Just take a good look at the videos in the following links. Those aren't even "protests", it's CRIME.
  • The question should be "Can we afford to do any harm to China even if we want to? "
    China holds 1.3 Trillion of our t-bonds. Most of the merchandise sold in Walmart, Sears, Target, .... are made in China. US has been exporting so much goods and services to China to keep our economy running. Not mentioning Chinese has much better relationship with Russia and North Korea than we do !
  • Yes. Boycott China! They are the poster child for violating human rights and animal rights. Similar to the Nazi's but they eat dogs!!!!
  • yes we do.
  • "Do we as citizens need to protest what is currently happening in Tibet?"

    The real question is >>>>>>>>
    Do you as a person with your own mind really know what is going on in Tibet?

    Protest for what?
    Some rioters were burning shops, cars, killing Han Chinese and other groups whoever are not Tibetan.

    Are you cheering for these violence?

    What would you want your government to react if someone burned your car, house, and killed your children just because your ethical background?

    No government would left such violence alone. Every time there was a "riot" in the U.S. the government too arrest lots of people. Lets take a look something closer. At this moment, hundreds Serbs were arrested by UN "peacekeeper" for protesting.

    So the Chinese government is doing exactly the same thing.

    What's with the double standard? Or do you even have your own standard other than what mainstream media keeps feeding you?
  • I am surprised your question is still on the board, a dozen or so similar questions have already been removed, talk about yahoo not being controlled by the chinese.
  • China is financing USA debt, buying T-bills. If china sold what it has, U.S. economy and dollar collapse. Walmart is china's 8th largest trading partner.

    USA is tied to china. As for Olympics, 1936 games in Berlin. Hitler wanted to show that Aryans were master race. We've got to stop letting the diplomats run the show, they will be our doom.
  • So do many Western countries.
    If you mean boycotting the Olympics, that mustn't happen. The point in the Olypmpics is putting aside all the animosity and have fun together.
    If you mean boycotting China (or any other country) in general, that's a bad idea again in my opinion, because it would punish the whole nation, and it would affect the least those who are actually responsible.
    Besides, it wouldn't be wise to mess with China, she's too powerful.
  • You mean giving up Chinese food, clothes, dishes, plates, cups, glass-wares, and pottery. Also Chinese art.
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