Do i have to give import and export tax if i forward goods/ container from sea port directly?


  • i am looking for nw business about importing goods from china and import it to Russia from mumbai sea port and want to know that if i had to pay import and export duty for that?
  • ikashji

    if you sell the goods without touching the indian dock you need not to pay any duty.
  • Typically the country that the goods are imported to is the one that taxes the items.

    So, if you were to purchase good from China and have them imported to India, India would impose any taxes, tariffs, or duties.

    If you were to then export those goods from India to Russia, Russia would most likely impose any taxes, tariffs, or duties.

    You need to agree ahead of time who will be responsible for those fees, either the buyer or seller.

    The taxes, tariffs, or duties can vary greatly, depending on what the items are. And each country sets their own rates, so what is charged in one country can vary greatly from what is charged in another for the same item.

    Also remember you have customs brokerage fees, import bond fees, bank fees if dealing with letters of credit, shipping costs, fumigation fees, inspection fees, etc. All of these things should be negotiated ahead of time as to who pays what. And if you're dealing with foods, cosmetics, or medical items, then that may involve a whole other level of regulatory oversight.

    Also, it would be wise to check ahead of time if the items you're thinking about importing or exporting are allowed in each respective country.
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