Where can I find someone to translate Chinese from pictures?

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  • I have pictures from a trip to China I took a few years back and I'd like to know the pinyin translation of the characters so I can research locations online.
  • Do what everybody else does.

    1) Stick your photos on a website like photobucket.
    2) post a question on Yahoo Answers and provide a link to the photos.
  • upload them on line and post the question with urls here...

    if your aim is "give me your email" nah, nah, nah... (shakes finger)
  • Ummm....well, you have many choices. You can find a penpal from China to translate the photos (just e-mail them) and this may sound stupid, but you might even be able to go to a Chinese restaurant and get them to look at the photos; that's what I would do. Hope I helped!
  • If you just need pinyin, you can do it yourself.

    Here's a link:

    You can just 'write' the words with your mouse. It'll give you a definition and the pronounciation. You'll see what I mean.
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