Mandarin speakers: can you tell me the tones of this word?



    what do you think: ?? or ???

    hell, I'm really clueless ^_^
  • What I heard is "n√π l√¨", not ??(n√∫ l√¨) or ??(nu l√¨).

    n√π ?
    lì ?;?;?;?

    It doesn't make sense when combine it.
  • ?? cause that usually means to work hard.
  • I never heard to speak before in this.
  • It's definitely a 4th tone-4th tone word.

    So what does that leave us?

    ?? : "angry force"? hmmm, that's not a real word.
    ?? : "angry profit"? that's even worse, pretty much nonsense.
    ??: "angry standing"? OK I will stop...all nonsense.

    since the first sound NU4 can only mean angry, your possibilities are limited.

    The two words you put in your question are pronounced NU2LI4(??), and NU3LI4(??), (numbers=tones), but they are not what I heard from your sound file. Unless this person is speaking a non-mandarin dialect.
  • sounds like ??, but there is no such word. must be wrong pronunciation.
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