Can one read Chinese characters in English?


  • That is, does anyone teach what the Chinese characters mean in English immediately and directly instead of learning first its real Chinese translation/pronunciation? If there is such, where and how?
  • You mean it is difficult to memorize chinese characters?First you learn pinyin of the chinese characters.Second you have to learn radicals and structures of chinese characters.
    Chinese characters are its combination.
  • I think you're referring to romanization, which is taking another language and spelling it out in an alphabet (like English) so you can read it. It's simple to find things that romanize for you you, just search Google for it.

    Try this website, just input Mandarin or Cantonese, and it will romanize it into English sounds; I use the Korean version of it a lot!
  • A Chinese - English dictionary, maybe?

    I'm not sure I completely understand what you're talking about.
  • If you're talking about romanizations (or "pinyin") then you can just use google translate
    if you want google translate to show the romanizations, just paste the text that you want into the box and select the language that you want it to be translated INTO to chinese, then click on "show romanization"
    you can also use
  • Do you mean you want to look at the Chinese character ? and know that it means "sky", but don't care how to say that word in Chinese? Someone called James Heisig wrote a series of books that teach you how to do this - you can find a sample chapter here: (this chapter is actually from "Remembering the Kanji" which is for Japanese characters, while "Remembering the Hanzi" is the version for Chinese characters, but they're mostly the same).

    Personally I don't really find it all that useful - you won't really be able to understand Chinese text like this, because most Chinese words are made up of more than one character and their meaning isn't always obvious from the meaning of each character.
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