Peking duck - where in Beijing (?) do you think they serve the best ducks? What make you think so?

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  • I have tried a few restaurants in Beijing, not very impressive and I would like to know whether there are places in Beijing serves real good ducks... or you think the other cities (Hong Kong? Singapore? Shanghai? ...) serve better ones?

    Gourmets, come on, you all are welcome to give me your opinions, thanks!
    Thanks! Toass.. but I'm not talking about ???.

    Though I'm not a big fan of Peking duck, I was kind of disappointed when I was in Beijing last few times while I had the ducks in different restaurants. I'm curious whether there are any real good ones serving in Beijing!
  • i tried a restaurant beside qian men last time, i think it's worse than before, anyway , i like beijing za jiang mian better
  • Quan Ju De is the best in Beijing and it's always packed. They have another outlet in Shanghai and it was a major disappointment!! It just wasn't the same as the one in Beijing. I have also tried Peking Duck in Singapore and Malaysia and the way it was served was slightly different.
  • I agree Quan Ju De is supposed to be the most famous and best Peking Duck. The restaurant is in the Qian Men section of Beijing, I believe... I read in a Chinese paper a couple weeks ago that they are now closed for pre-Olympics renovations... So you'll have to wait! :)
  • I just had Peking duck yesterday. It was so good.

    Quan Ju De in Beijing is supposed to be the best place?

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