New Digital Camera any help more info below?

edited November 2010 in Travel in China


  • I'm thinking of buying a new digital camera to take backpacking with me in China and America. I don't mind if it is Compact or SLR, but it cant be gigantic because I have got to carry it with me all the time. Also it would be good if it shoots in raw+jpeg but it is not completely necessary but I wont have a computer with me and would like to be able to look at my images. So any advice about a good digital camera?

  • I would get a Olympus 1030 SW. In fact I already have one. It is the perfect camera for travel
    water proof to 33feet
    drop proof from 6.5feet
    crush proof from 220 pounds (wont matter where in your backpack or pocket)
    movie ability
    can be used underwater/rain/snow
    freezeproof to 14degrees F
    It costs about 400 at Best Buy but I got it online with case, cleaning kit, and 2 gig memory card for 300
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