How do you tell someone that she shouldnt wear too much makeup, nicely?

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  • Theres a good friend of mine, and BAM shes like some chinese opera singer with her make up on. Its like if she swims, the water will become murky.

    I get the urge to splash cold tea on her face everytime we eat so that i could see what she really looks like. (Which I think, isnt bad at all)
  • I have a similar problem with a friend of mine. Though I don't understand your rudeness or the comment "Chinese opera singer"

    Are you referring to a Kabuki performer?

    Anyway - whenever I see my friend wearing less makeup I tell her how nice she looks. She looks so pretty with the colors she is wearing.

    If asked, I would tell her that I would love to see more of her natural beauty shine through and that she doesn't need a lot of makeup.

    Although, she never asked and I would never be rude enough to tell her. If she is comfortable and thinks she looks good...........that's all that matters. It's not my place to impose my standard of beauty on others
  • Unless this a woman you want to be "more than friends" with, just be honest with her and tell her flat out. All women hate being insulted but remind her you're only speaking up because you are a friend and you care about her.

    This is would I would say: "____(her name), I think your beautiful! Sometimes though if feels like you have on too much make-up. Because you have great natural looks, too much will hide away your beauty however just a little make up will help reflect your gorgeous looks. Give it a try sometime and I promise you'll notice even more people checking you out!"

    I know that sounds cheap and sleazy, but women eat that up like a Lifetime movie. Remember to end with a positive note.

    Good luck and Cheers.
  • Say something like. "Janey, you could look really pretty if you didn't have all that makeup on."
  • One day ask if you can give eachother a makeover. Let her put your make up on you. When it is your turn to give her a makeover only put lipgloss on her and no other make up, then comment on how pretty she looks
  • haha i had a friend like that back in high school... just love her for who she is but if you really feel the need to tell her that, say "I think you look prettier with less makeup, so you can see your natural beautiful face that God gave to you."
  • I have a friend like this, it's super annoying.

    I had her sleepover and I told her to use this new face cream (where she would need to take her makeup off to use it) and then made a point to tell her how beautiful she looks without all that makeup.

    If you can't do this, then pick up a magazine and say something like "Jeez, I can't stand how women these days feel they have to put loads of makeup on to be beautiful. Men actually like it when they don't."

    Hopefully she gets the hint.
  • My friend and I are so comfortable with each other that we just tell each other if we don't look right...if she's a real friend she'll handle constructive criticism. You could tell her that she is beautiful without make up on and really doesn't need to wear so much. You need to be direct or she won't get the hint...but don't be a bitch about it...and next time you are together maybe have a make up day and do each others make up (if you know how to do someone elses) and you can show her that she doesn't need so much. Perhaps go to a place they do make up for you and they can show her. Make a day out so it's all fun like get lunch an do some shopping.
  • Resist that urge, both to splash tea on her and to say anything to her about it. Offhand comments about how you love the new nude look that's popular now are fine, so long as it seems like you're just stating a general preference for yourself, but it is not polite to try and tell your friend what to wear without her asking.

    Hopefully she'll grow out of it, but often women who wear much makeup like that either really like it or are underconfident and trying to compensate. Either way, she isn't going to care for you saying anything about it.
  • If she says something about putting on makeup or buying more makeup you could tell her she's so pretty that she doesn't even have to wear makeup! Or you could accept her the way she is, which is what friends do.
  • I think you can only make polite suggestions. Say, "You know the natural look is in right now. I got this great tinted moisturizer you need to try and some nice natural blush/shadow/lipstick/whatever."

    I had a friend/co-worker who had horrible make up too. She would put a thin line of black eye liner all around her eyes and never smudge it. It looked so unnatural and fake. The weird thing is I heard people (customers who were strangers to her) compliment her makeup all the time. I think she actually believed it looked good and the people complimenting her just validated it.
  • How about just asking her.....say something like: "Please forgive me for bringing this up, but were you aware that you appear to wear a LOT of make-up? When in fact you have a really pretty face and would look so much better using less"?

    You could follow that up with maybe going with here to pick out new stuff, or maybe offer to help her apply it properly.

    Chances are, she's probably insecure with herself and thinks this helps. But, maybe she doesn't know how to apply it and could use the instruction.

    You can be self-apologetic as you go, and mention that you realize this may be touchy, but you felt that, as a friend, you could make her aware of it. could say that if it's a touchy subject you won't mention it again....and let it be after that.

    Good luck....hope it works out regardless how you approach it....or not.
  • have you suggested going to a department store and getting make overs? make is sound fun and when she has hers done you can tell her how beautiful she looks etc.... Then go out to eat or something and tell her she's getting checked out by some guys. Everybody likes to think they're attractive and if hearing that she's being checked out with her new look it might make her more likely to change her 'style' AND think it was her own idea.

    good luck because it's really hard to tell a person something like this without it back firing and causing hurt feelings.
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