Chinese IME

Different online inputs that allow you to either type text in Chinese or as pinyin with tone markings. We hope to be ading more to this section in the near future.

Type Chinese online

Type pinyin and select the correct Chinese character from the sidebar 

Pinyin to Unicode Converter

Convert pinyin with tone numbers (i.e. a1) to unicode with the actual pinyin tone markings (i.e. รก) 

PinYin Keyboard

A text input area, with pinyin keyboard underneath the input area allowing you to choose the accented pinyin characters 

          English > Chinese Dictionary
          Chinese > English Dictionary
          Pinyin > English / Chinese
          Chinese Handwriting Recognition with Dictionary

Chinese Tools
          Chinese Word Parser / Segmenter
          Pinyin to Unicode Converter
          Chinese Character Convertor

Learn Chinese through Media
          Chinese Learning Videos
          Chinese Podcasts

Learn Chinese Characters
          Stroke Order

Input Chinese
          Type Chinese (with Pinyin)
          Pinyin Input
          Pinyin Keyboard
Chinese Lessons / Courses
          Chinese Lessons
          Other Free Chinese Courses

          Flash Cards Application
          PinYin Table w/ Audio
          Chinese Learning Games

Discussion Forum
          Learn Chinese Forum
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