PinYin Table with Sounds

Pinyin - Structure
Chinese syllables consist of an initial sound and a final sound. Some syllables have no initial sound. If it is present however, it is always a consonant. The final sound always starts with a vowel. In the following table, all Chinese syllables are listed (in rows ordered by the finals sound and in columns ordered by the initials sound)

Pinyin - Tones
pinyin tones
Click on a syllable below to play the audio. Each audio will first say the initials sound, followed by the finals sound, then the whole syllable. After this the syllable is spoken in all four tones from 1-4 as below:
first tone (a high, level tone)

second tone (a rising tone)

third tone (a first falling, then rising tone)

fourth tone (a falling tone)

Pinyin - Table - Please allow up to 10 seconds for the audio to load after clicking a link


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